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    Discover our taps for bathrooms and kitchens

    Bathroom taps

    Make the bathroom a moment for you. Discover our taps for bathrooms, basins, shower systems and accessories for creating unique spaces and enjoying water.

    Kitchen taps

    Love your kitchen. Discover our kitchen taps with an innovative design and sophisticated technology for better functionality.

    Sustainable taps

    Committed to saving water and the environment

    Ecological awareness

    We follow ecological criteria for eco-efficient production, optimising resources in terms of the materials and energy required for production.

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    Save water with our taps

    All of our taps are eco-efficient and help to save energy and reduce water consumption by 50%.

    Double energy and flow saving system

    Allows cold opening, saving on energy consumption and also preventing unnecessary water consumption in bathrooms and kitchens.

    Environmental certifications

    We have certifications that guarantee on a global scale that our taps are environmentally friendly, such as BREEAM.

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    How Much Can You Reduce Your Resource Consumption?

    Calculate Your Savings Online

    Water and Energy Savings in Your Home

    Water and most energy sources are scarce and limited resources. Responsible use and total comfort are possible with our faucets because we promote sustainability in every design. We incorporate technologies that reduce resource consumption, benefiting both the user and the planet in the medium and long term.

    How much can you reduce resource consumption in your daily life?

    Fill in your data in the savings calculator and discover how much you will save in your home with the water and energy-saving systems S2 and S3 from our faucets.

    Number of People per Household
    Average Showers per Person per Week
    Average Weekly Shower Time per Person
    Average Weekly Sink Use per Person
    minutes (standard)
    Cost of Water per m3 (Average Statistical Value)
    €/m3 (estándar)
    Cost of Energy per KWh (Average Annual Statistical Value)
    €/kWh (standard)
    Cost of Cold Water
    Cost of Energy per Liter of Hot Water
    Cost of Cold Water + Cost of Hot Water
    Total Annual Savings with C2/S2 System NaN €
    Total Annual Savings with C2/S2 and C3/S3 Systems NaN €

    Solutions for professionals


    Experts in taps for hotels. Discover Contract RS, an exclusive service for the Contract sector.

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    We help you with your project. Design taps and different styles that adapt to your needs.

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    Assessment and practical advice for professionals.

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    Breeam Certified

    Discover our wide range of products certified according to Breeam, the international certification for sustainable construction.

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