Quality guarantees

    The strictest certifications endorse our products

    We make eco-efficient products that allow resources to be optimised, taking into account the energy and materials required in order to produce each piece. Our taps feature water and energy saving systems. We also have exclusive patents focused on protecting our taps against corrosion, improving their durability and life cycle.

    Water saving system

    90% of our taps feature a water saving system by default from the factory, allowing savings of up to 50% without this causing loss of comfort for the user.

    We therefore ensure real and effective savings as there is no need to manipulate the tap during installation.

    Other systems are also applied on request and are available for all taps: flow limiters and timers.

    Double energy and flow saving system

    Allows cold opening, saving energy consumption and also preventing unnecessary water consumption in bathrooms and kitchens.

    Similarly, all of our single-handle and thermostatic taps feature the option of blocking the maximum hot water temperature with our TERMOSTOP system.

    Research, development and innovation

    We invest constantly in R&D&i to improve the Preventive Quality of our products in order to prevent possible problems, extend their useful life and ensure comfort for the user, offering maximum durability.

    As a pioneering company in the technological advance of the sector, we have different patents and utility models. They are innovations and solutions to real problems that exist in the market related to safety, savings, materials, comfort, quality and easy installation.

    • Sacrificial anode
    • Tourbillon water control system
    • Thermostatic tap safety assembly
    • Quick fastening systems
    • WC Magnet, hand shower-bidet with double safety lock
    • Magnetic positioning for pull-out kitchens

    We belong to Ecoembes

    We promote environmental education, creating a social value that is increasingly gaining strength to make people aware of the importance of maintaining the most ecological lifestyle possible. We want to improve the environment for current and future generations. We also comply with efficient practices in the use of resources.

    Recyclable materials

    We think about the environment, obtaining products that can be recycled in the future, but always maintaining their initial quality. Brass is the most recycled material in the world, coming in above aluminium, plastic and glass as a whole.

    Our taps are manufactured in recovered brass, which is a 100% recyclable raw material. At the end of their useful life, the taps can be recycled unlimitedly, melting the material without losing quality. In addition, other pieces are manufactured in stainless steel, and even the cartridge plastics can be recycled.

    Sustainable taps

    Our philosophy is to achieve the most environmentally friendly manufacturing and distribution possible

    C2/S2 system

    C2/S2 Water and Energy Saving System by ramonsoler®

    C3/S3 system

    C3/S3 Water and Energy Saving System by ramonsoler®

    Sustainable taps

    Committed to saving water and the environment

    Ecological awareness

    We follow ecological criteria for eco-efficient production, optimising resources in terms of the materials and energy required for production.

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    Save water with our taps

    All of our taps are eco-efficient and help to save energy and reduce water consumption by 50%.

    Double energy and flow saving system

    Allows cold opening, saving on energy consumption and also preventing unnecessary water consumption in bathrooms and kitchens.

    Environmental certifications

    We have certifications that guarantee on a global scale that our taps are environmentally friendly, such as BREEAM.

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    How Much Can You Reduce Your Resource Consumption?

    Calculate Your Savings Online

    Water and Energy Savings in Your Home

    Water and most energy sources are scarce and limited resources. Responsible use and total comfort are possible with our faucets because we promote sustainability in every design. We incorporate technologies that reduce resource consumption, benefiting both the user and the planet in the medium and long term.

    How much can you reduce resource consumption in your daily life?

    Fill in your data in the savings calculator and discover how much you will save in your home with the water and energy-saving systems S2 and S3 from our faucets.

    Number of People per Household
    Average Showers per Person per Week
    Average Weekly Shower Time per Person
    Average Weekly Sink Use per Person
    minutes (standard)
    Cost of Water per m3 (Average Statistical Value)
    €/m3 (estándar)
    Cost of Energy per KWh (Average Annual Statistical Value)
    €/kWh (standard)
    Cost of Cold Water
    Cost of Energy per Liter of Hot Water
    Cost of Cold Water + Cost of Hot Water
    Total Annual Savings with C2/S2 System NaN €
    Total Annual Savings with C2/S2 and C3/S3 Systems NaN €

    How much can you save on supplies?

    Our taps save water and energy


    Single-handle taps

    In a wide variety of models with different styles and price segments, a technology is integrated that allows the water consumption to be reduced by 50%, while ensuring a water output of maximum comfort.

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    Thermostatic taps

    They achieve the perfect temperature in a fraction of a second and also maintain the same temperature throughout the shower. They are equipped with a flow limiter (that can achieve a water saving of up to 50%) and a temperature limiter button (energy saving).

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    Electronic taps

    Opening and closing of the flow using presence detectors, which results in a significant reduction in consumption, reaching a water saving of up to 70%. In addition, its maximum temperature can be set (up to 60ºC), which also saves energy. The electronic tap includes an anti-vandal function with a security system, so that if the solenoid valve blocks, the tap closes after 90 seconds, avoiding unnecessary water waste.

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    Timed taps

    Featuring the Quick Set-Up system. A mechanism that allows you to control the closing time, and therefore, the water supply, enabling a saving of up to 70% and guaranteeing a long life of the taps in conditions of heavy use. Intended for community facilities or public premises where high levels of savings are required.

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    Environmental certifications

    We have certifications that guarantee on a global scale the technology that we develop to create ecological taps

    Unified Water Label is the most widely used Belgian environmental classification certificate in Europe, which clearly indicates the maximum water volume of the tap, and whether the product has been installed correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

    This certificate gives the client the security that the product complies with the ecological water saving standards, which also allow the user to save energy and money.

    Our taps certified according to Water Label achieve the green marking label, thanks to the systems that provide the lowest flow rate without loss of comfort. Regarding ecological labelling, we also have labels from other countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, who have also established their own requirements.

    The European Water Label System provides general access to a catalogue of bathroom products that include the Water Label certificate.

    Here you can consult the ramonsoler products that have this certification.

    The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) is an environmental certification for buildings that follow the UK assessment method. This is the most technically advanced and world-leading building method, and is increasingly in demand due to the growing global development of sustainable buildings.

    BREEAM assesses buildings based on their typology and use in different categories, such as Management, Health and Well-being, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Ecological land use, Pollution and Innovation.

    Our taps make BREEAM certification possible in sustainable buildings, thanks to their water and energy saving systems and flow limiters. In addition, our R&D&i team provides the necessary technical advice in order to comply with the requirements of this and other environmental certifications such as LEED.

    Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building rating system that provides builders and owners with the means to assess the performance of buildings to improve the health of interiors, ensuring that they are ecological, healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving.

    This certificate integrates the life cycle of a building, from the selection of construction materials to the resulting environment of the building. Buildings obtain points based on a series of requirements, and depending on the points contained in the project, one type of sustainable certification or another is awarded. By fitting ramonsoler taps in your buildings, you can achieve between 6 and 12 points in the water and energy saving category, thanks to their eco-efficient features such as the S2 and S3 water and/or energy saving systems.