All types of product and taps for the bathroom

    All types of product and taps for the bathroom


    Urban-style faucets for designs that prioritize comfort and convenience.

    Create environments with urban touches that are pleasant and accessible. Enhance the bathroom experience with faucets made of high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and efficient functionality.

    "URBAN CHIC awarded with the iF Design Award 2020, German Design Award Special 2022 and Red Dot 2022."


    Order and harmony stand out in these minimal-style taps

    Bathrooms with a simple, elegant design and clean lines. These taps integrate perfectly into modern spaces and convey calm and order.

    "Simplicity and minimalism that attract from first glance in these collections"


    Taps with a modern and ground-breaking design in the purest avant-garde style

    A fusion of elegance and modernity that combines clean lines and geometric shapes, incorporating minimalist and technological elements. Allows the creation of sophisticated rooms that reflect the avant-garde of contemporary design.

    "RIKS sprinkler wins NAN Architecture and Construction Award 2018."


    Elegance and luxury with classic-style taps

    Gives a refined and sophisticated look to the hotel bathroom. Created with high-quality materials and a design inspired by classic and traditional styles, and with smooth and lasting operation.

    "ADAGIO is awarded the iF Design Award 2023 and the German Design Award Special 2023."

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