Taps and showers for hotels

    Taps for showers

    Style and the latest technology in your bathroom with ramonsoler shower sets. Easy to install, innovative technology in terms of water saving systems, anti-corrosion and high quality standards.

    Basin taps

    Fall in love with your bathroom by selecting the basin taps that best suit your style. Modern and elegant design, with quality materials and saving systems so that you can comfortably enjoy the most relaxing moments.

    More than 130 years growing hand in hand with the hotel sector

    Designed for hotels

    We know the needs of the hotel sector inside out, as well as guest expectations during their stay.

    Contract projects

    We are specialists in taps for hotels and offer global solutions that adapt perfectly to each project.

    Historical recognition

    From the Gold Medal of the Universal Exposition of Barcelona in 1929, to the German Design Awards in 2022.

    Design taps for hotels

    Tap renovation and hotel projects


    The Roundstone Boutique House Hotel

    The refurbishment of this boutique hotel focused on adding touches of modernity and ergonomics without compromising its traditional style. The ALEXIA collection was chosen with its brushed nickel finishes, opting for minimalist design, but retaining the hotel’s unique identity.

    We achieved water and energy savings for the hotel thanks to these eco-efficient taps, which are incredibly elegant and easy to maintain.

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    Binz, Germany

    Arkona Strandhotel

    For this hotel resort located in Binz, with amazing views of the sea in North Germany, we completed a refurbishment that lasted 1 year. URBAN CHIC taps were installed for a modern design that evokes mountain waterfalls, a perfect combination for a seaside hotel.

    These taps allow water and energy savings, achieving eco-efficiency and making the hotel stand out thanks to a flawless design.

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    Danubius hotel helia

    For this hotel located in Budapest, we carried out a complete renovation of its taps in 2022, lasting 1 month. The collection chosen for this renovation was DRAKO, all-round taps that combine perfection with the architectural style of the hote

    These are all-round taps, solid, with water and energy saving systems to promote the hotel’s eco-efficiency, and very ergonomic.

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    Waterfront Lusail

    For the new construction of this luxury hotel located in Doha marine in Qatar, the Waterfront Lusail, we were responsible for the tap project.

    The collection chosen was ALEXIA by ramonsoler, in matt black, adding elegance and harmony to the bathrooms throughout the complex. The aim was to make the bathroom a place of special sensations.

    ALEXIA taps provide water savings, making the hotel more eco-efficient and sustainable.

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    Sheraton Frankfurt am Main

    For this hotel located in Frankfurt Airport, we renovated their taps completely, lasting 1 year. The DRAKO collection was used, a series that inspires confidence due to its strength and ergonomic design. The aim was to create a space that prioritised the guest’s relaxation.

    This tap model is easy to clean and maintain, and also enables reduced water and energy consumption.

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    Arab Emirates

    Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm

    This newly-built hotel in Dubai has become an emblem for the city, located on the Jumeirah Palm. The GAUDI collection was chosen, with the aim of adding a classic touch to the hotel, without compromising the performance of modern taps.

    These taps provide a sense of well-being, allowing reduced water consumption.

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    Discover our exclusive catalogue for Hotels

    Unique designs are designed to guarantee quality and durability, respecting the aesthetic standards of each hotel.

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    Exclusive RS contract service: taps for hotels

    Direct attention service

    Personalised response at any time and capacity to quickly resolve incidents at the hotel.

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    R&D&i Department

    We have one of the largest innovation laboratories in Europe, specialised in creating products that meet the needs of the Contract sector.

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    Advice for projects

    We support you and provide advice for your project. Our high-quality design taps adapt to your project’s budget and its particular needs.

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    Ecological awareness

    We follow ecological criteria for eco-efficient production, optimising resources in terms of the materials and energy required for production.

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    Save water with our taps

    All of our taps are eco-efficient and help to save energy and reduce water consumption by 50%.

    Double energy and flow saving system

    Allows cold opening, saving on energy consumption and also preventing unnecessary water consumption in bathrooms and kitchens.

    Environmental certifications

    We have certifications that guarantee on a global scale that our taps are environmentally friendly, such as BREEAM.

    How much can you reduce your water and energy consumption by?

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    Water and Energy Savings in Your Home

    Water and most energy sources are scarce and limited resources. Responsible use and total comfort are possible with our faucets because we promote sustainability in every design. We incorporate technologies that reduce resource consumption, benefiting both the user and the planet in the medium and long term.

    How much can you reduce resource consumption in your daily life?

    Fill in your data in the savings calculator and discover how much you will save in your home with the water and energy-saving systems S2 and S3 from our faucets.

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